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Our Location Announced


Well, so much for making you wait any longer! Apparently Ed needed to let the proverbial cat out of the bag, so we can now let everyone know the location of THE PENNSYLVANIA COIN OPERATED GAMING HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM. 

Our facility is located at:

Hopewell Shopping Center
2284 Brodhead Road
Hopewell Twp, PA 15001
(CLICK HERE for driving directions)

We know this is not the biggest news we will have for you, but so many people have asked exactly where we were going to be located at. Well...now you know! Make your plans today to visit us on Saturday, May 23rd or Saturday, May 24th for our VIP GRAND OPENING. Don't know how to be a part of that? Be patient! That information and a very limited number of passes to the VIP Grand Opening will be made available on Saturday, February 7th, along with when we announce our guest "rocker" that will be appearing at the opening. 

Get your game on!!

Saving "Pauline"

Image: Donkey Kong, Pennsylvania, Museum, Hall Of Fame, arcade, pinball, video games, hopewell, aliquippa

Remember that first time you played Donkey Kong? I remember so very distinctly how I was at the bottom of the screen with all the barrels falling toward me and catching fire, all the while Donkey Kong stood atop the screen with Pauline; taunting me to come and get her. I remember those first hundred quarters I put into the machine before I ever got to the top. Once I got there, it was time to start over with a different, faster and more challenging situation in front of me to once again rescue Pauline.

That’s kind of how we feel about the Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum. We are working night and day on it, and literally with each thing we get done, it seems we find new challenges to overcome to get to “Pauline”, who just happens to be sitting on a platform marked “May 23rd, 2015”. Much like that kid back in 1981, Ed and I keep feeding in quarters and moving forward toward the goal of the ultimate “rescue”.

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for our little gaming palace. So here’s a couple of quick points to keep you all updated as to what’s going on.

  • The location has been officially acquired. Ed and his crew are actively doing the building modifications to get the place ready for the games to be moved in. From there, there’s some electrical stuff that will go on and we’re ready to rock!

  • We will announce the location of the Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum on Sunday, February 1st. It's not a big secret though, and you can probably find out where we're at if you investigate our website and/or social media pages. Happy hunting! :P

  • We've established a couple of dates for the launch. We will have a very limited “VIP” Launch on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015. This launch will be for the supporters of the museum that have been on board since the start. We will be offering a limited number of passes to be pre-purchased for Saturday, May 23rd VIP Opening.

  • The May 23rd Opening will be a full on party, complete with a catered lunch, a full day’s worth of gaming and pinball, music from a DJ, and more.

  • The Public Grand Opening will be on Saturday, May 30th, 2015. 
  • The big news about Saturday, May 23rd is that we've come to an agreement to have a bonafide '80s multi-platinum rock star come out to be part of the opening. He will be hanging out, taking pictures, playing a couple of songs for those at the VIP Party, and even playing some video games and pinball against some of you that decide to attend. It should be a great time!

  • We will announce who the guest is as well as making the purchase of passes to the VIP party on Saturday, February 7th. Those passes will be available on our website.

I think that’s all for now. Busy days ahead. We’re up to the challenge though, and we’re excited to bring this fabulous museum to you! We hope you’ll make plans to be there on May 23rd and beyond!!  Thank you for your continued support! Please let your friends and family know about us! 

Get your game on!

Who Wants To Play Thunderball?

One of the things that we are proudest of at the Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum is that we are going to have some of the rarest games available for enthusiasts and casual fans alike to give a try.

The jewel of our collection is a game that is the rarest of the rare - Williams Electronics game THUNDERBALL. Compared to a lot of other games, this doesn't look like such a big deal. In fact, it really wasn't. According to the Internet Pinball Database, this machine never actually got into production. In fact, it was a prototype that only had 10 machines total manufactured. With our best snooping that we've been able to do (which is by no means official and, ultimately, has been a few Google searches), we believe there are only 4 left in existence.

One of them will be on display at the Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum. For so many enthusiasts, this game has long been a mythical machine that few have seen and even less have played. When we open this spring, you will have your chance to do both!

So make your plans today and be part of the fun this spring when the Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum opens.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone from the Pennsylvania Coin Operated Hall of Fame and Museum! We are very much looking forward to 2015 being a great year full of fun with all of you!

Since we are starting up the new year, we figured it's time to give you some updates on a lot of things going on.

1st and foremost, the museum is HAPPENING - 100% confirmed. We're not quite ready to share just where it is located at yet as we have some work that has to get done ahead of making an announcement as to the exact location, but we will just say that if you drew a circle on a map that is, let's say 15 or so miles around Heinz Field, the museum would be located within it. We are also close to a highway exit, and are going to exist within a shopping center. This is great because we'll have PLENTY of free parking to allow you to save a few bucks when you come to get your game on.

Talking about the location, it's REALLY big. In fact, it's almost 25% bigger than we had originally envisioned the museum being. This is REALLY exciting as it will open the door for us to showcase a lot more games and pinball machines than we had imagined before. I think we are very comfortable saying that ANYONE that comes to our little museum will be able to find something cool to play.

We have a ton of work to do now as we push forward to the grand opening. I'm sure you are asking, "when will that be?" Answer: it's still to be determined by a couple of things, but I'm 99.99% sure it will be before summer. Check out this space often as we will be posting regular updates on this, including how you can be part of the VIP opening ahead of the grand opening. 

Things are going to start moving fast, so if you have interest in what we are doing, then it's time for you to start checking our space out a bit more often as we will be providing regular updates moving forward. There's a lot to do right now, but Ed and I are steaming ahead at full speed to bring you this great museum. Follow along and be part of this.

Here's a few pictures of the location. As you can see, there's a LOT of space to play with here! We can't wait to fill it up!